The Great 108


My 108 tick marks, accompanied by my feet and my cat Dexter’s tail

On Friday, I completed 108 sun salutations in honor of the spring equinox. My hometown yoga teacher, Jen, puts on the “Great 108” near the beginning of each season. My first 108 experience was actually the first time I ever took her class: I went into the studio for a beginner class and was thrown into the 108 instead.

I was a little freaked out, needless to say. I’d only been practicing yoga for a couple months, and I thought I could barely complete five sun salutations, let alone one hundred and eightBut Kim, the owner of the studio, assured me that there would be little breaks in between sets of 20, and there would be no shame in not doing all 108.

But I did them all. I did 108 rounds of sun salutation A. By no means were they all pretty and graceful, but I did them. I was astonished at what my body could do, grateful that Kim and Jen coaxed me into class, and proud that I’d had the courage to try it. If I hadn’t, I might have never known that I could do it. The experience is also what later encouraged me to seek out Jen for some private sessions–one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’ve done the 108 several times since. It’s a special practice, and here’s why:

Why the 108 is *#$%&@! Great

1. No matter how many sun salutations you do, you always find out that you can do more than you think you can.

2. The practice becomes very meditative. Because you’re repeating the same asanas over and over again, you stop thinking about them and bring your focus to your breath and your rhythm.

3. It feels powerful. You feel like you’re putting all your strength and dedication behind your intention.

4. You get glitter after 100! Ok, so I’m pretty sure that’s limited to my yoga teacher, but you can always provide your own (and if you do so in a class, please do share the story of your classmates’ reactions to you whipping out a bottle of glitter and sprinkling it on yourself).

5. It helps us to remember to reflect upon the previous season and prepare to transition into the next one.

6. I mean, let’s just admit that it’s kind of fun to tell people you did 108 sun salutations, even if their reaction is, “What the hell is a sun salutation?” (For friends asking that right now, I’m including a little illustration below this list.)

7. Although it’s the same set of poses over and over again, you notice differences from one to the next.

8. The savasana, obviously. 🙂

In case you’re wondering, here’s a little information from Yoga Journal about 108.

This 108 was dedicated with all the love in my heart to my strong and beautiful mother, who will soon be undergoing surgery for breast cancer. I would do 1,008 sun salutations for you, Mom. Your light has many times been the only way I could see through my darkness. I could not have found the sources of my own light without the astounding power of yours.


My mama and me

Much love to all of you, and to whoever inspires you to do your practice.


20 responses to “The Great 108

  1. I’ve done 108 sun salutations a couple of times before and like you said, it’s not easy, but it feels amazing! I’ve never had glitter though! Maybe next time…!

    • Yeah, definitely not easy–I’m still sore!

      The glitter is a fun touch; I’d recommend it. Also helps me lighten up so I don’t take myself so seriously 🙂

  2. I love this post! I’ve never done 108 but I definitely want to try it now!

    • Thank you!

      Go for it! The nice thing is that you can always slow down or take child’s pose for a while, especially if you’re doing it at home. If you do decide to try it, let me know how it goes! 🙂

  3. I never tried 108 sun salutations but always wanted to. I’ll try this 20 salutations and pause technique and see how it goes. Thank you!! I wish your mother the best in her healing. Namaste.

  4. Thank you Jeana. Your unconditional love will help me get through this ordeal! Sending GLITTER to you!

  5. Wow that is amazing! Congratulations! I feel floozy after 4 rounds!

  6. Oh this is really interesting! I really miss yoga and have been trying to find a healthy way to reincorporate it back into my life. This might be a good place to start!

  7. Very nice — love the tribute to your mom! ❤

  8. I’ve never heard of Great 108 until this post! That’s pretty awesome. How do you keep count? Tick them off as you go along? Researching more it on now. Thanks for writing your experience 🙂

    • Yep! It’s not entirely convenient to have to pause to make another tick mark after every sun sal, but there’s no way I could ever keep count otherwise! That aspect is definitely a bit easier in a studio with a teacher to count them for you. Either way, it’s an experience I’d recommend trying!

      You’re very welcome! Thanks so much for reading! Do let me know if you decide to try the 108 sometime!

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