Headstand Drop-overs/Fall-overs

I’ve been wanting to work on taking my headstand away from the wall, but the idea of falling made me just a tad terrified.

Then I took a class a couple weeks ago in which the instructor demonstrated a headstand drop-over, which is pretty much what it sounds like: dropping over from headstand into a backbend. 

This is what it looks like as practiced by a super-pro yogi:

This video was actually filmed at the studio I go to, in a class for teachers and other advanced practitioners, and I think it’s probably why our instructor had the idea to teach us this move. 

I didn’t try it in class and instead did my usual headstand practice against the wall. But I began to wonder if I could use the idea of the drop-over to help me get away from the “security wall,” since I can do backbends comfortably. 

I asked the instructor after class if it was ok to fall (rather than slowly drop with the strength and grace of a god) into a backbend from a headstand, and she assured me that it was, as long as I knew I could do the backbend–in fact, that’s part of the point of learning the drop-over.

So later I (carefully) tried it at home. I got into a headstand without the security wall. I discovered that I did have enough control to hold it and the purposefully drop over. Fearlessly. Ha, just kidding. It was terrifying.

And really, I fell more than I dropped. My control ended after bending my knees and beginning to tip myself over. And my feet landing made for a rather lovely thud against the floor. But I did manage to come safely into a backbend. 

This sounds corny as hell, but it was kind of like a trust fall with myself. I had let myself fall and trust that I would catch myself. How true that is in many different situations in life. 

I certainly haven’t overcome my headstand fears completely, but it helps to know that that it’s ok to fall.

Just to be clear, I definitely don’t recommend trying this without consulting an experienced teacher about it beforehand. Safety first. 🙂

The lovely city of Austin has been taken over by a little festival called SXSW–there are so many events going on it’s overwhelming! But hopefully I’ll get to take advantage at least a little bit.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends.




2 responses to “Headstand Drop-overs/Fall-overs

  1. I too have difficulty with headstand as approached from dolphin to headstand prep. Once I got up, I immediately fell over but I wouldn’t say into wheel. More like flat tire. Never thought of purposely going into wheel. Humm.

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