Full Moon

I never thought I would love a yoga pose named after an obnoxious bird, but my gods, do I love pigeon. It has joined wheel at the top of my favorites list. I tend to like anything to do with the sacral or heart chakras, but the way pigeon allows you to really focus and breathe into it serves to help release pent-up emotions so effectively.

I had an intense class yesterday, which I’m still sore from, and I have a bit of a sinus something going on, so I opted for a short at-home practice today. I put on music this time, and I forgot how much difference it can make. I enjoyed myself and stayed “in the moment” much more than I normally do with home practices. There may or may not have also been a little bit of dancing in between poses. 

I’ve been feeling more anxious lately, which has been making it more challenging to do my school work, or anything. Even writing this post feels difficult, but the times when we don’t feel like writing are the most important times to write, even though the results might not be too pretty (nor smooth nor insightful nor…) . One of the lessons yoga has taught me is that we have to make ourselves uncomfortable and vulnerable in order to move forward. The process of doing so can feel painful or even pointless, but dammit is it important, and ultimately freeing.

There’s a full moon tonight, which I hesitate to say could be contributing to my (and others’) anxiety, only because I know the idea of the moon’s phases affecting human emotions and behavior is controversial. I’ve experienced and observed enough full-moon craziness to believe it, though, so I suppose if I must be labeled An Insane Moon-Myth Believer, so be it. 🙂


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