Annoying Yogi Habit

Well holy crap balls (eloquence is my forte). Yoga class tonight began with the instructor dimming the lights and telling us we were going to really get into our hips today, and that it would be somewhat of a slower class than usual. So I thought, “Oh, hm, more of a gentle practice tonight.”

HA! It was quite possibly the most intense practice I’ve ever experienced, though I admit many, many practices feel like the most intense you’ve ever experienced during and after them, when your muscles are still shaky and you kinda feel like the hand of a god just picked you up, flipped you around in the air, and set you back down again. But nevertheless, she really challenged us with poses like Warrior I and II that we held many times in many variations (thankfully my muscles were doing a bit better tonight). Throughout the class, she reminded us to try not to fidget, which brought my attention to just how much I do fidget. In every pose. You know when you notice that the person next to you in yoga makes a weird sound when they breathe, or seems to be showing off their flexibility excessively, or looks around the room a lot (even though you are in fact looking at them, even if out of the corner of your eye), and you find yourself becoming annoyed at them? And then, hopefully, you realize that you’re not actually annoyed at them but are projecting the feelings you’re releasing onto them, and you laugh at yourself and silently thank them for reminding you to draw your attention inward. Well, I have discovered my own special Annoying Yogi Habit. You’re welcome, fellow yogis, for my obnoxious fidgeting ;). I am glad to be aware of it now, though, and I can begin to work on becoming more still.

After that intense practice, I actually felt more like giggling than anything else. Sometimes I I feel like crying, sometimes I feel like yelling, sometimes I feel like sleeping, sometimes I feel like running 10 miles (though any attempt at that would be quite short-lived), sometimes I feel like giggling. You never know what you’ll get with yoga.

After class, I came home to Rita hiding out in the closet, and Dexter doing this:


Kitty yoga?


We’ll just make this a cat-photo-themed post. 

Time for more studying. Though I have had a whole lot of work to do, I seem to be handling the stress of it all better than I have in months. Fingers crossed.

Namaste y’all!


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