Alive in Austin!

I haven’t disappeared off the face of the planet; I am in fact live and well in Austin, Texas. There has been quite a lot going on, hence my long, long absence from blogging. I began classes yesterday, and in typical me fashion, I am freaking out about everything I’m going to have to do. Hopefully this semester will be much like every semester in my undergrad: freak out at the beginning, then settle into the routine and just do it.

My neighborhood is full of lovely trees–of course most of the neighborhoods are, I just can’t get used to seeing so much greenery, having come from the desert and all–and is in close proximity to the University as well as some cool restaurants, stores, etc. The University itself is also a nice place to be. The building that houses my program is brand new, and, in contrast, the course that I’m taking through the creative writing program is in an historic house, which I find pretty awesome.


Books fill every inch of the walls in this room

I managed to squeeze in a mini-vacation before classes started to a little town called Fredericksburg with my wonderful boyfriend, Anthony. We had fun drinking wine (exact amount of wine that was consumed shall remain undisclosed), walking around the town, and checking out the local WWII museum, although the town lacked the charm we expected. The restaurants were surprisingly expensive and many of the people were surprisingly unpleasant. We did, however, meet a pretty friendly drunken M&M.


Oh M&M, you so drunk.

And of course, I must talk about yoga (let’s at least try to loosely stick to the theme). I joined a studio called Yoga Yoga, which unfortunately I haven’t been to in a while because of my friend Lyn’s visit and the mini-vacation, but I’m hoping to go back today. I’ve only taken one Ashtanga class there so far, which honestly was intimidating as hell: despite the fact that it’s called “Fundamentals of Ashtanga,” the students of the class appeared to have been practicing for quite some time. I like the studio itself, but I’m still not sure  that I “vibe” with it. I’ve liked all the teachers I’ve had in my classes so far, but I have yet to find one that seems to have a really good sense of humor, which is important to me and unfortunately rather rare.

I am definitely feeling the need for yoga, and I’m hoping a session today will help me ground my thoughts and allow me to let go of some of these anticipatory jitters I’m getting about school.

More later!


One response to “Alive in Austin!

  1. So happy for you to be alive and well in Austin!
    Love you, Grams

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