Catch Up

Well, I’ve done it again. My mind has been rather occupied with the move to Austin as well as a few other personal things, and I again neglected my poor little blog. I also took a trip to Austin, so I’ve been busy busy.

My dad and I flew down to Austin to look for condos. We found a few good ones, and we put in an offer on one and  are doing the real estate game (which I’ve found I’m not the biggest fan of) now. I’m crossing my fingers, but my dad warned me that the number one rule in real estate is not to fall in love with property, so I’m keeping my back-up plan(s) firmly in mind (either making an offer on another or renting for a while until something else comes on the market). The one we selected is close to the university, perfect for biking to class, and it’s in a nice neighborhood that’s full of lovely trees. The other two that were at the top of my list were in South Austin, in the famous 78704 zip code, known for being the hip, funky, weird part of Austin. The only downside to living in the area would be the commute to school, so I decided it’d be best to go for something closer to the U. If I’m lucky, maybe someday I’ll live in “The 04,” after school is done. Who knows, we’ll see what happens! 

While we were there, we stayed in a fairly nice hotel (with a great view from the window), and we ate some good grub at various restaurants, including Eddie V’s, a schmancy fancy steak/seafood place where I ate the best salmon ever, and Polvos, a funky little Mexican restaurant with awesome margaritas. 


The view from our hotel room

I don’t have much to share in the way of yoga, but I did have a private session with Jen right before the trip, which as always was fun. She even made me a little collage that she texted me the next day:


Yoga + Animals = Love

I also bought a DVD a couple weeks ago that I finally tried out this morning, Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman. I only got through the sun salutations and a few of the standing poses (that’s really all you can do when you only have ~30 minutes), but it felt good to do anything. I added in some backbends because, well, that’s what I do.


“Did I say you could turn me off and do backbends, Jeana?”
“Did I say I cared, Richard? Namaste to you, jerk!”

Other recent events have include a bachelorette party for my good friend Amy, who is getting married to one of my other good friends, Ponce (Yes, that’s his first name. Ok, it’s not, but we refuse to call him by anything else). Needless to say, many of the pictures taken at that little shindig are not blog-appropriate, but here’s one of the group of us looking innocent enough:


Congratulations Amy!

Because I got a whole bunch of chigger bites in Austin, I chose to wear an ensemble consisting of a strapless top, a skirt, black tights, and boots. My legs currently make me look like I have chicken pox. Texas and your bugs! Gah!

My friend Karena was also nice enough to curl my hair for me, which I was excited about given that I am terrible at curling my hair on my own. Seriously, what is the trick to these curling irons? I swear I do it just the way I’m supposed to, and it just doesn’t work.


See the curls?!

I’m off to work. Crossing my fingers that some cute puppies will come in today.


Namaste y’all!


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