Last night, after having had a chiropractic adjustment and possibly eating some not-cleanse-friendly food, I wasn’t feeling up to yoga class. Fortunately Jen wouldn’t let me get away with it. I joked with her that it would be a good incentive if we did lots of backbends (fun story: my iPad keeps wanting to correct that to back ends. Um, no), and she agreed. I thought she was just joking around with me, but she completely delivered and then some. The class was very backbend-focused, which made me insanely happy, although I don’t know if all my fellow yogis were as pleased as I was.

Yep, this is totally what I was doing. Except not quite.
Photo via Pinterest

I took child’s pose more often than usual and didn’t do a couple of poses that I usually can do, but I discovered that this in fact did not cause the world to end. I know, I was shocked too. File this under “recovering perfectionist.”


2 responses to “Backbent

  1. So glad you’re writing a blog, Jeana! You are giving me back my inspiration to do the same… as much as I’ve been discouraged to do so in the recent past, haha. In any case, it appears you got the flexible genes of the family! My yoga instructor constantly embarrasses me in front of the class by reminding me of how muscle-bound I am and requiring me to use props and belts and such. I don’t think I could do a backbend without cracking my head open. But, hey, I’m working on it… and in the meantime, I kick ass in strength poses! Anyway, keep the posts coming… encouragement encouragement!

  2. Good for you for GOING and kudos to Jen for helping make it constructive for you.

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