Look Ma, No Wall!

Just recently, I discovered that I somehow get myself into a tripod headstand, a feat I certainly never expected to happen, and on Friday, in a private session with Jen, I actually did it–sirsasana (god I hope that’s the right sanskrit word, I googled it to make sure and I still don’t know), a headstand supported by just my forearms–and ok, Jen was there to tip me back up when I started to come out of it, but still. It’s certainly one of those poses I thought I’d never get away from the wall. Doing things you never thought you could do is some of the best and most encouraging magic of yoga. 


And my muscles look exactly like this. Mmhmm.
Photo via Pinterest.

Of course, yoga also teaches you humility when you get home and expect to pop right up into a beautiful headstand only to come crashing to the floor. But hey, I’m getting closer. It’s still feels pretty miraculous to be able to get my legs off the floor at all for more than a millisecond. 

We also did some backbends, which are always my favorite, so much so that Jen calls them “Jeana-asanas.”


Happy backbend


I seem to be slowlyyyyy reinvigorating my home practice. A few sun salutations, a couple backbends–nothing too crazy as to not overwhelm myself, but something is better than nothing.

I’m off to assist my best friend Sara and her fiancé Gabe with some engagement photos. I’m a maid of honor! 


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