Panic-Inducing Mountains and A Mid-Detox Retox

I took a class on the chakras Friday night, meant to be part of a three-day workshop, but since I work on Saturdays and am poor I decided to just do the first night. My favorite yogini/teacher, Jen, plays the crystal bowls (makes for a really cool meditation and/or savasana experience), each of which correspond to a certain chakra, so she added that extra element to the class and was the one who encouraged me to come. I find the chakra system to be a really cool and intriguing concept, so I took the leap and went. Despite being a little (*coughmaybemorethanalittlecough*) intimidated by the fact that I was surrounded by a class full of mostly yoga teachers, I was able to look a little more about the chakras and do some exercises that put me into a more relaxed state (particularly one in which she told us to draw the breath in from the tops of our heads). But the most interesting part of the evening for me was when I had a little internal freakout over….a mountain. Yes, a mountain.

The Chakra System
Illustration via Pinterest

The night was an introduction to all the chakras, but we paid special attention to the first one, the root chakra, and in the last meditation exercise of the night, we were told to picture our perfect mountain and then become the mountain. I imagined a beautiful green mountain, then I pictured Mount Lassen, certainly one of my favorite mountains–and that was all fine and dandy until I began to try to merge myself into it. Because I’m so graceful with language, I just gotta say–I kind of freaked the f*#$ out. Not that I disturbed the peace of the class by screaming in fear and running out of the room, but I actually physically felt sick to stomach, and I had to get the eff out of that mountain and into some water. Once I pictured myself floating in water, the waves lapping over my body, the mountain in the distance–I was able to calm down. It was certainly an unexpected experience but interesting nonetheless. I must have some issues relating to roots–perhaps a fear of staying in Reno, or…? It’s something to think about.

Yeah, apparently this shite is terrifying.
Photo via Pinterest

Last night I had a different kind of adventure. I really should not have been slacking these past weeks because now I have to first explain that I’m doing a cleanse, which started on April 15. No, not a crazy ass drink-nothing-but-cranberry-juice cleanse, but one that cuts out dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, alcohol and other things that perhaps completely sane people would never consider eliminating from their diets. But if you’re just crazy enough to try this cleanse, it can help with a variety of issues–yeast, insomnia, general sluggishness, etc. So, after doing a round in September and after being sick and/or completely out of sorts for the past few months, I decided to embark upon the adventure all over again. After the last go-around, I felt a bit too deprived by the end of the 28 days and ended up diving back into the world of baked goods and cheese like I was a girl on fire jumping into a pool. Thusly, I’ve been more lenient this time, allowing myself to cheat when I feel like I’m about to go crazy. And, here is my confession: last night I had a few drinks. GASP! I know you’re all on the edge of your seats right now. This is wild stuff.

After two weeks of the cleanse and a busy work day/week, I decided to go have a little fun with one of my longtime friends, Jen (this is not yoga Jen but another Jen. I also work with a Jen and a Genni. This could get confusing). It wasn’t anything too eventful–we had a few drinks, we went dancing–but it was a good time and a good release from some of the stress I’ve been under. So I’m just going to make this another experiment in this month’s cleanse–we’ll see if taking a “break night” will ultimately help or hinder me. In any case, I don’t regret it, even if it is kind of ridiculous to retox in the middle of a detox.

Also, if you wanna be a cheap date, do a cleanse. Because wow.


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